Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Keyword searches on, and other places leading here...

I always find it interesting how people find their way to my blog, especially those who get here unintentionally. I was reading through some of the frequently used keywords to find my blog and which search engine was used with that search and saw some interesting trends. While Google is the by far most used search engine, I have found Yahoo to be more reliable when searching blogs. Google's new Blog Search function is catching them up though.

1) A lot of people find my blog because of my comments on Tony Campolo (here and here primarily)

2) A lot of people find my blog because of my comments about Eagle Brook Church in White Bear Lake / Lino Lakes Minnesota.

3) A lot of the posts people find me on are interelated. I can find a common set of threads through most of the searches for this bog, though an outsider wouldn't realize them. One very common thread through my posts that people find is that they have something to do with the Baptist General Conference. Eagle Brook Church is a BGC church, one of my most hit upon posts is about Tony Campolo coming to Eagle Brook Church, so that scores twice. I am also found in searches just on the BGC, searches on Spring Lake Park Baptist Church which is a BGC church, Justin Irving who is a professor at the BGC Seminary - Bethel Seminary, searches on John Piper (and Desiring God Ministries) who's church is a BGC church (Bethlehem Baptist Church Minneapolis - and now with a second location in Mounds View). I still pick up a lot of hits because of my comments on Joel Osteen (which I stand by), and I also get a lot of hits for my links and thoughts on one of my favorite preachers - CJ Mahaney. There was a period last month where hundreds of people were coming to my site because of my comments about Cancun and Hurricane Wilma, and how that may or may not impact my honeymoon plans (we're still going to Cancun! - January 1st!!! Anything but more Minnesota SNOW!). I also had a period where traffic spiked because a friend of mine (Dave Tilma - who has been on staff at 3 BGC churchs if I am not mistaken) was transitioning between ministry positions.

What I am still trying to figure out is what kind of impact blogging has on others. I watch how long people visit my blog, so I know they aren't just getting here, realizing it's a mistake and backing up to the search engine. While I obviously don't make every post about Christ, I hope they take a piece of Christ from this blog when they visit. I hope my witness is a good one, reguardless of what subject I'm focusing in on.

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