Monday, August 29, 2005

A brief post on Dave Tilma

Over the past few months, my blog has been visited by a number of people googling "Dave Tilma". I'm glad that you have found me (and him) interesting. I have a few things to say about Dave, and you are welcome to contact me if you want further info.

Dave is fantastic, knowledgable and skilled in ministry well beyond his years. I don't say this blindly, as I worked side by side with Dave as he poured his heart into a struggling church, helping make a youth ministry that was sick, turn into a student ministry that was ready for the future. Dave worked his tail off, and probably cut a few years off his life in the process. He spoke the truth when it needed to be spoken, he pushed when people need to grow, and he killed off things that needed to come to an end. While his ministry was short in terms of time (we were borrowing him as an interim pastor), it's impact will be far reaching, and our new Youth Minister is reaping the harvest from it. Dave has a great way of meeting people where they are, be they students, or adults. He knows how to challenge those who need to be pushed. He has an excellent grasp on scripture, and is rock solid in his theology. He is a great preacher, a great husband, and now a great father (with an adoreable daughter!) I know he has been exploring some great ministry opportunities, and if you are one of those people considering him, look long and hard at him, because he is excellent at what he does. I can't tell you he is right for your ministry, but I can tell you he is very talented, and has a burning passion for reaching the lost of this world for Jesus Christ.

Dave has not asked (nor does he know) that have said the above. He's humble enough to be embarassed by it I would guess, but it needs to be said.


yahooing said...

Hi, Did Dave ever find something? I know of a great church in need of his skills.

mrclm said...

While I cannot agree that Woodland Hills is a Great church, I do think they have some good ministries. Dave is ministering in Portland Oregon now, and from what I know is happy there. I would guess that Dave might chaffe at WHC because of theological differences.

Big Chris