Monday, October 24, 2005

Plans for Cancun honeymoon and the impact of Hurricane Wilma...

I get married December 30th, 2005, and we have our honeymoon planned immediately there after. Six months ago I planned it all out, bought plane tickets and everything. We are staying at the Imperial Fiesta Club in Cancun, Mexico, January 1-8th 2006. With Hurricane Wilma deciding to punish the Yucatan Peninsula this week, I am not sure how the recovery efforts will go, and what damage may have occured to our particular hotel. I've heard reports of up to 60 inches of rain in this region. I'm not sure I've ever lived through 60 inches of rain in a single year! I expect in a couple of weeks to contact the Imperial Fiesta Club to see if everything is OK with our plans for January. We'll be flying ATA round trip. This will be my first American Trans Air flight, so we'll see how they fare.

The other part of this association I have with Wilma is that my fiancee's parents sold their condo in Naples, Florida, just one year ago. They were part of Fiddler's Creek Condo's, which are actually South of Naples, closer to Marco Island than to Naples. Marco Island has fantatic beaches if you are in that area. It is my understanding that Marco Island didn't get storm surged, as the wind was blowing West (North side of Hurricane) when it hit this region. The Everglades however, weren't as lucky, with reports of the surge going into the Glades as far as 20 miles.



I heard late last night (10/24) that the back side of the storm did bring some storm swell to Marco Island and the surround areas. Still nothing like it could have been with 15 foot surges, or if the storm had been moving more slowly. Something like 3 million people still without power this morning. From what I have seen/heard Miami was pounded much harder than they had expected. I've heard estimates of $8-10 BILLION in damages to South Florida. Those insurance premiums have to be brutal for the people living in that region.


Mike Hardcastle said...

I'm going to the same area in mid Jan on a cruise. I hope that Wilma didn't wipe the area out. I guess since we are on the boat, we aren't as effected, but hopefully the excursions and such will still be possible. Let me know what you find out.

Leigh Ann said...

Congrats on the your upcoming marriage.

I've been blogging for a few months and enjoy reading others - but have been feeling frustrated not finding other Christian blogs -

I stumbled on the UR Leadership page (not sure if i got the name correct, but you probably know what I mean) and from there many Christian blogs - I appreciate your blogger roll also.

You won't find any deep theological insights on my page but, nonetheless, my heart is still after Christ's...