Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My little brother...a blogger...and other random thoughts...

Tonight I discovered that my baby brother is a blogger (see picture). Chad Allen Meirose was born July 19, 1979 and my life has never been the same. A note of warning for my regular readers, Chad's language is a bit more coarse than you'll find here, but I love him anyhow. Also, don't let your children read his blog, as his writing skills will set them back at least a grade or two. But he's sincere, and he's being vulnerable, so rather than bag on him, I'll build him up by encouraging him to remain vulnerable. If I'm lucky, he'll become a reader here. if nothing else, by mentioning his name - Chad Meirose - we'll get him Google indexed! So welcome my one and only brother, Chad Meirose to the blog world!

Second, The Truth Laid Bear has been fiddling with his Ecosystem. I've gone from being a Large Mammal to a Marauding Marsupials, which is like going from being a bench player on the varsity down to the JV team. :-) I'm currently 812th, which is surprizingly high I suppose since I haven't done a lot to promote my blog. I haven't even told my family and friends I blog, though my fiancee is aware of it (and very rarely even peeks in!).

Third, we're getting some strange weather for late November in Minnesota. Today in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro it was mid 50's. That's hard to believe, but it's true. The sun was out, it was almost like Spring. Then early this evening it began to rain, and steadily has grown more heavy. We have serious snow on the way. My family and friends in Sioux Falls and central South Dakota have been getting whalloped by a blizzard all day. I heard thunder a few minutes ago, and expect we'll have a few inches of snow by the time I wake up. The rain turned to snow about 20 minutes ago, and the ground is almost white already. It's those big slow falling snow flakes at the moment. They are so big, that if they were anything but snow falling they would cause serious harm to your body. It seems there is little to no wind, so they are gently and lighly floating down to the earth. It's the kind of snow that makes me want to run outside and catch them on my tongue like I did as child. As I look out my window I can see them dropping slowly to the earth in the light of the building next door. I suppose those who commute in the morning are in for a big mess. Glad I don't have to drive anywhere tomorrow morning. The picture to the left is of the State Capitol building in Pierre, SD earlier today (I used to live 1 block straight South of the rotunda pictured above for 2.5 of the longest years of my life).

Finally, whatever you do, don't eat the YELLOW SNOW!


Paul Schafer said...

Maybe the reason for the low turnout on TTLB is the use of aggregators like bloglines which I use. You have 5 subscribers there which includes me. I still read your stuff.

mrclm said...

Honestly, being ranked where I am (after the correction) still seems strangly high. I blog for myself, so I was mentioning the TTLB only half seriously in the same spirit of many other posts poking TTLB for "messing" with his system. He does it all free, so anything he does is his own perogative. I do still get some pings from you, so I knew you were out there reading at least some of the time.

thanks for the comment!

Big Chris

Paul Schafer said...

It's good to know what is going on in Minnesota, especially the spiritual climate and the yellow snow.