Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Shack - A review (by Tim Challies)

Tim Challies is one of the most prolific book readers I know of (Dr. Albert Mohler would be another). While I don't always agree with Tim's reviews (I disagreed with his review of Mark Driscoll's Vintage Jesus for example) I think he is spot on in regards to the book The Shack. Here's the thing that I think about these sorts of books - it is OK for some people to read them, but certainly not everyone should. If we are going to read them, we need to read books of this sort with a discerning eye. They can be entertaining, but we have to guard and protect our theology or we can come to embrace the "heretical view of the Trinity" this book puts forth as Mark Driscoll has pointed out in a sermon recently. Those who are just forming in their faith, still feeling their way through what they believe would be best served to avoid this book.

Tim's explanation for why he's done an extended review (much more in-depth than his Amazon review). The .pdf of Tim's extended review is available for download (it's 17 pages long!).

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