Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Conference from a distance - Rick Warren

Today I am listening in (while working on some other stuff) to a Pastor's conference put on by Rick Warren and the Purpose Driven Network. The first session today was pure gold. Perry Noble writes about it. Dave Ferguson writes about it.

Tony Morgan, Carlos "Los" Whitaker, DJ Chuang, and Joshua Griffin are all covering it live.

The panel of speakers is probably the best assembly of leaders under one roof in the Christian world.

Dave Ferguson's summary of what Rick Warren presented (I have a lot more notes beyond this!):

Rick Warren - 5 Moves for Renewal

When God wants to renew a church, a country, a movement he always takes you through five moves:

It is suddenly not about religion, but it's about a relationship. You realize that God is fond of you and you fall in love with Jesus.

After I end the war with God, I end the war with others. These first two renewals are all about loving God and loving others. There are two tell-tale signs of relational renewal: First, the singing gets better. Secondly, people hang around longer after church is over.

The church rediscovers that it has a cause and we get all the purposes of the church in alignment.

You can not bring cultural renewal unless there is already personal, relational and missional renewal. Once that has happened then you are ready to bring cultural renewal in your church. The preaching will change the culture of your church more than anything else.

There is no perfect structure for a church, that is why the Bible doesn't give us a structure.

(This is an extra) Institutions are there to preserve the change of the previous generation. So this will be the last to change.

Just some of the leaders who are at this conference:

Mark Batterson – National Community Church, D.C.
Mark Driscoll – Mars Hills Church, WA
Daniel Kim – Sarang Community Church, CA (a leading Korean American megachurch)
Steve Stroope – Lake Point Baptist Church, TX
Stovall Weems – Celebration Church, FL
Floyd Flake – The Greater Allen Cathedral, NY
Perry Noble – NewSpring Church, SC
Kerry Shook – Fellowship of the Woodlands, TX
Larry Stockstill – Bethany World Prayer Center, LA
Dave Ferguson – Community Christian Church, IL
Kenny Foreman – Cathedral of Faith, CA
Jentezen Franklin – Free Chapel, GA
Greg Surratt – Seacoast Church, NC/SC
Mark Beeson – Granger Community Church, IN
Bryan Crute – Destiny Metropolitan Church, GA
Jimmie Davidson – Highlands Fellowship, VA
Dave Gibbons – NewSong Church, CA
Dave Holden – Lake Gregory Community Church, CA
James Meeks – Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, IL
Bob Roberts – Northwood Church, TX
Nelson Searcy – The Journey Church, NY
Ron Sylvia – The Springs Church, FL
Dave Holden – Lake Gregory Community Church, CA
Bil Cornelius – Bay Area Fellowship, TX
Jonathan Falwell – Thomas Road Baptist Church, VA
Joel Hunter – Northland Church, FL
Dave Stone – Southeast Christian Church, KY
A.R. Bernard – Christian Cultural Center, NY
Troy Gramling – Flamingo Road Church, FL
Tim Keller – Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NY
Miles McPherson – The Rock Church, CA
Lon Solomon – McLean Bible Church, D.C.

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