Friday, January 20, 2006

Shaun Alexander man of God...

(From FOTF)

MVP Plays for God

MVP Shaun Alexander, who hopes to make an appearance at the Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks next month, sees himself as "a Christian that loves the Lord that just happens to play football." "I'm a Godly man first. I chase after God. I play football for the sole reason to give God glory," said Alexander.

The running back is the only player in NFL history to score 15 or more touchdowns in four straight seasons, and also the only one to score five touchdowns in one half. Alexander, who sustained a concussion in the game against the Washington Redskins last week, said he was initially knocked unconscious, and was dazed for about 20 minutes as he sat on the bench. Speaking about his injury after four days of tests, Alexander joked, "Oh yeah. I took all the tests and realized the guy knocked some sense into me. I am actually smarter than I was before."

Alexander, who attends Christian Faith Center, located near Sea-Tac Airport, is quick to share his faith when the opportunity arises. "I believe it's my job to give you truth and be a light," said Alexander. "If you ask me, I'm going to tell you the truth about Jesus Christ walking on Earth and saving souls and dying on a cross."

Alexander plans to be in the lineup against Carolina this weekend.

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Nordy said...

Why did God give Alexander a concussion last week? After getting knocked around by Peppers et al, he's going to have to eat his meals through a straw the rest of his life.

Steve Smith is not a man of God. Steve Smith is God.

Go Panthers

mrclm said...

There are indeed those who would say that God directly gave Alexander the concussion, and I must admit it is possible, as I do not know the will of God. I suspect it is more (or is) the result of sin in the world.

Steve Smith might not be a man of God, but he is a creation of God's. He may think he is god, and you may think he is god, but I suspect Steve Smith will die just like you and me, and that makes me doubt (among other things) that Steve Smith is god.

Steve Smith is talented however, and I'm glad to see he has recovered, and likely improved, after his leg injury. I've liked the Panthers since Kevin Greene was there, and would probably prefer them to the Seahawks in the Superbowl.

Home field advantage in the division championships is said to be worth 10 points. If Peppers can go all day long, I might still give the edge to Carolina, but I think it might come down to who has the ball last.

Big Chris

Steve Puckett said...

Steve Smith will be eating at McDonalds after the Shaun Alexander Seahawks gave him an old fashion butt kickin!

Roll Tide and Go Seahawks.

SonzTwin said...

Game's over about an hour now.

That was Steve WHO?

clew said...

Daggoneit! I'm a Steelers fan ... now I'll feel bad for rooting against Seattle in the Big Dance.

I'll still root for the Steelers though. The Lord will forgive me ;)

Great post though. Love hearing about this stuff!