Friday, January 20, 2006

Self centeredness of emergent and post-modernism...

I wrote the following in the comments section at Leadership Blog: Out of the Ur.

I can't help but continually return to the thought that pomoism and much that is Emergent is completely self centered. How is that you ask? It's because of the resistance and refusal by most of lables and definitions and anything from the outside. It's all about "me" and how "I" define "myself" and nobody else can do that. It is a self centered and self driven philosophy. I always find it ironic how they talk about community and being missional, and yet are so self centered at the fundamental core of their thinking. It's not a problem for some emergent types to lable others as modernist and closed minded (there are volumes of examples across the web) but they won't let the street run both ways. I suppose it's just the next chapter in the individualistic and independent mindset of the modern Western culture.

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