Thursday, January 19, 2006

South St. Paul for some good Mexican food...

Tonight my wife and I ventured into South Saint Paul, MN for supper following her work day. We went to El Burrito Mercado and ate in the restaurant. It's just a few minutes from downtown St. Paul, and is pretty famous from my understanding. The president of Mexico Vicente Fox has eaten there, as has Vice President Dick Cheney (among many other famous people who've eaten there). It was a traditional Mexican food presentation, and Banana (my wife) was able to get Chocolate Mexicano (Mexican Hot Chocolate), plus we were able to buy some Mexican chocolate to make our own at home. Plus they had Churros. Churros are one of the greatest desserts ever created. They are simple, require nothing but your hands to eat, and completely yummy. Yes, that is a technical rating, completely yummy. The staff behind the counter in the deli were very helpful, and even let me sample a few things before I made up my mind on what to eat. I had a Limon Jarritos soda (my favorite!) and a Barria? filled Burito with refried beans and Mexican Rice. Good stuff. Banana chose the Barbacoa filled Burito, and was surprized it wasn't more spicy. She proceded to crank it up a notch with some zippy salsa verde, her mouth was on fire she said. A great evening, a quiet mid-week dinner. I'd go again, anyone wanna go?

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Halo said...

I have heard that Mexican chocolate is one of the best chocolates that exist. I've also heard they have a really interesting dish thats made with turkey and chocolate. A rare combination, but they say its good.

mrclm said...

Mexican chocolate is vastly different than the milk or dark chocolate you might be familiar with if you live in the USA. It has a different texture, somewhat gritty instead of the smooth finish we in the USA are accustomed to. It is also decidedly not sweet. When you eat or drink it, it has a cinnamon finish (has cinnamon/artificial cinnamon flavoring added). This makes for a taste that when you first experience it, you say it reminds me of chocolate, but it's rather different. I personally am luke warm to it, and must add sugar. My wife likes it quite a bit, which doesn't surprize me as we have very different taste pallates.

Big Chris