Thursday, June 02, 2011

New Research Shows Changes in Moral Attitudes

The results of a new poll released by Gallup last month show that Americans are becoming less concerned about “poor” moral values and also less supportive of doctor-assisted suicide. Gallup’s 2011 Values and Beliefs Poll reveals that the number of Americans who believe the overall state of moral values in the U.S. is poor has dropped seven percentage points in the last year. Currently 38 percent of the population believes that moral values in the country are poor compared to 45 percent a year ago.
Another part of the study discovered that support of doctor-assisted suicide has dropped to the lowest level in eight years. Currently, 48 percent of Americans say that doctor-assisted suicide is morally wrong, while 45 percent say it’s morally acceptable.
The research also revealed that:
  • 42 percent of 18 to 34 year olds believe that the use of pornography is acceptable while only 19 percent of those 55 and older believe it’s acceptable.
  • 71 percent of younger adults (18-34) believe that premarital sex is acceptable compared to 53 percent of those 55 and older.
  • 69 percent of Americans believe that the overall state of moral values in the country is getting worse while 22 percent believe the state of moral values is getting better.
For more information about the Gallup studies go to Suicide Study or Moral Values Study.

(from FotF's Pastor's Weekly Briefing)

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