Saturday, March 05, 2011

Tackling Biblical Illiteracy

This week, a group of 30 seminary professors launched and made themselves available to provide free education to the public in an effort to combat biblical illiteracy. The blog features daily posts by faculty from Biola University's Talbot School of Theology and will have regular posts ranging from prayer and spiritual formation to historical theology and biblical exposition. Overall, the Good Book Blog aspires to be a resource for anyone seeking biblical scholarship and a vital addition to the online evangelical discourse. []


Anonymous said...

I am always blessed with reports of an increase in the number of professing Christians. Your statement on Africa I read just a few days ago.

And of course it is always nice to hear the number of atheists is on the decline. Even though I have found converted atheist to be zealous in their faith and passionate proselytizers.

My question to you is, if the number of professing Christians worldwide that you reported about, is inclusive of catholics? I ask this because sometimes we forget that we are required to witness our faith to them as well.

mrclm said...

Troy - there are many Catholic Christians, so they would certainly be included. Unfortunately there are also many cultural Catholics who don't have a personal relationship with Christ, and at best have a superstitious and marginal relationship with a church. But that problem isn't unique to Catholics, as there are cultural Baptists all over the southern United States that are no closer to Jesus, and every Christian group has pockets of people who claim association with church but not Christ.