Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Most Popular Posts and Subjects of 2009

Well as this year winds down, I looked back at what drove traffic to my blog this past year.  I only switched over to Google Analytics just a few months ago, so I have to piece two systems together to come up with these numbers.  Wish I would've made that switch a long time ago.

The #1 thing bringing people here is an article I wrote in October of 2008 on the effects of porn.  I'm hoping to cycle back to this article in 2010 and update with more thoughts and info. 

The #2 item would be Grace Driscoll - wife of Pastor Mark Driscoll.  Grace Driscoll on the role of women in Ruth is tops among posts where I have mentioned her.  When the Driscoll family went to Australia was the #2 post mentioning Grace Driscoll.

Mark Driscoll, founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA comes in just behind his wife.  I've mentioned Pastor Mark a ton of times, and I figure Grace Driscoll gets more hits because there isn't 15,000,000 links to her and things she's said/written.  My post where I put a photo from the Desiring God Ministries Pastor's Conference in 2008 where it looked like John Piper was punching Mark Driscoll still brings the most "Mark Driscoll" traffic to my site.  When Mark Driscoll was on Nightline with Deepak Chopra and I posted about it, it brought a lot of traffic as well.  My post on Mark and Grace Driscoll's practice of devotionals with their children brings more traffic under the "Mark" category than the "Grace" category.

In the oldies but goodies category my post on How to prepare a sermon (from Josh Harris) still drives a ton of traffic to my site, and has done so for over 4 years.  I spoke about ministry burnout in 2006 and that also brings a lot of traffic in.

People searching for info on the most liberal cities in America and most conservative cities in America are frequently landing here as well.

My recent posts on the Black & Decker Firestorm 18v system and my hunt for a better battery charger is really hot at the moment. 

People seeking info on church salaries and how much pastors make keeps bringing people by this site as well.

The last group that brings in a lot of traffic are my many references to Pastor Bob Merritt and Eagle Brook Church.  My recent mention of Eagle Brook looking to add new campuses to their church and Pastor Bob Merritt's response to a newspaper article talking about this brought a lot of recent traffic.

It will be interesting to see what 2010 brings.  I am excited for it!  Blogging will likely be light around here for the next 10 days as I wrap up year end things, finish projects, and celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary!

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