Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Grace Driscoll on the role of women from the book of Ruth...

(HT Justin Taylor)

Grace Driscoll, wife of Mark Driscoll (and mother of their 4 children) of Mars Hill posed the following question: Is the biblical view of women applicable in our culture today?

She went on to answer that question in a remarkibly wise and graceful way.

Does what the Bible say about women really apply to us today in this culture (submission, can't be a pastor, weaker vessel, more easily deceived, etc.)? Doesn't it make us too vulnerable to our husbands? Doesn't it limit our ability to demonstrate our gifts? Doesn't it make us less of a human to just stay at home with the kids or take care of our husband? These are the questions I hear over and over from women. They are wrestling with how a loving, all-knowing God could possibly think that such antiquated ideas would work today.

The answers to these questions are clear in the Word, yet so seemingly unclear when compared to the yearnings of the culture around us. The more I study what God says for me to do as a women, wife and mother, the more peace I have in the roles God created for me. Through Ruth and various other verses, I will explore with you the clear principles that God has given us and the freedom in the methods by which we live them out.

After studying the Book of Ruth for the last few months, my understanding of submission, God's sovereignty, and Christ's redemption has been newly awakened as comforting truths.
For the full article go HERE. It is worth your time.

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Anonymous said...

That really was worth following the link. Far from disrespecting the author for staying home and following biblical tenets that don't correspond to modern culture, I respect her greatly for her conviction and courage in following the Lord in the face of so much opposition.

Douglas said...

And as long as we're on the subject of Ruth, is a euphemism being used when Ruth is told to "uncover Boaz's feet?"

Chris Meirose said...

Thanks for stopping in. It is really a great article.

I did a bit of study on your question, and from all that I can tell it is not a euphemism for something else. It was her way of letting him know he was there, and that while he was vulerable (sleeping) that she didnt' take advantage of him. Many bad things could have happened to her had she approached it in a different way. Even what she did was taking a risk.

Big Chris

isaacthecool said...

Sounds a lot like what my moslem friend told me. I guess religion is religion universally.