Friday, March 20, 2009

Most popular posts since January 1, 2009

Below are the top 15 most frequently visited posts since January 1, 2009. They are organized with the most frequently visited listed first and the number in parenthesis (123) is the number of people who have landed on this blog at that post (usually via a Google search). You can see there is an amazing amount of traffic that lands here because of Mark and Grace Driscoll.

1. (731) Grace Driscoll on the role of women from the book of Ruth
2. (674) Mark and Grace Driscoll take their kids to Australia
3. (574) Mark Driscoll punches John Piper
4. (549) A great article on the effects of porn
5. (476) How to prepare a sermon
6. (386) Pastor James MacDonald announces he has cancer
7. (345) Inauguration Prayer by Rick Warren - Transcript and Video
8. (320) Desperation Band - Counting on God lyrics
9. (269) Pastor Rick Warren Inauguration Prayer Transcript
10. (255) ESV Study Bible - I want one
11. (173) Death by Ministry - burnout
12. (163) Joel Osteen and Anthony Robbins - Twins?
13. (151) Most Liberal and Conservative Cities
14. (128) Sermon - Acts 9:1-9 - Saul's Conversion to Paul
15. (tie 119) Breville Ikon Hemisphere LCD Blender
15. (119) Randy Frazee and Gene Appel are leaving Willow Creek Community Church

Just outside the top 15 are a bunch of posts related to Eagle Brook Church. Over the years, Mark Driscoll and Eagle Brook Church have consistently been the most common reason people land on my blog from a search engine.

Whatever the reason you have landed here though, thanks for stopping in!

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