Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vicinage and Ordination update

Today I presented before a vicinage council made of of pastors from regional NACCC churches, as well as moderators from those churches, Pastor John Carson from the NACCC national office, and Pastor Brad Wickersheim from Christian Assembly Church in Waseca. I presented my statement of faith and life story, and then took and responded to questions related to my presentation. After a period of deliberation, they voted unanimously to approve me for ordination. The question and answering period was both exciting as well as stressful, but all-in-all I really enjoyed it.

So that means tomorrow I will be ordained! at 3:00PM at First Congregational Church I will be officially ordained! Family and friend and most of my church will be in attendance. I'm exicited, but a bit worried that it is going to get hot tomorrow. They are predicting 85 degrees, and my sanctuary is NOT air conditioned. So pray for 70, low humidity, and overcast.

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