Monday, July 28, 2008

Sermon - Rethink: Rethinking what it means to be a church - Matthew 28:19

New sermon posted at

To say I got carried away with my sermon today is a slight understatement. A video I intended to use wouldn't play on our worship center's computer (and that would be the Pastor's fault, A/V guys did their part) because it was in a format that our computer would not play. The time it would take to download the software, or to download the video in a new format made it an impossible to fix problem. So with no video, I tried to fill in the gaps, and boy did I fill. I had planned 10 minutes for the beginning of the sermon, 5 minutes of video, and then 3-5 minutes for conclusion and challenge. While I didn't time it, I suspect my sermon hit around 25-28 minutes! It's on video, so I'll wait and see what the official count is.

I have a lot more to post on coming soon. I apologize for this blog being fairly inactive this week. I was ordained this afternoon, and that has been my complete focus. More on the ordination tomorrow.

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