Thursday, July 10, 2008

Step out there...invite someone to church

I have an article in today's copy of the Waseca County News. The article is reprinted below for your viewing.


It is summer again here in beautiful Minnesota. That sweet time of the year where we can switch from three layers of clothes to three layers of suntan lotion and insect repellent.

Summer is the best time of the year to do many things. Things like water skiing, motorcycle riding and eating hot dogs at the park. Summer is also the best time to invite a friend to church.

Research shows that roughly 80% of first time church attendees come because they were invited by someone they knew. Not because they heard the pastor was good. Not because they thought the music was going to be good. Not because they liked the architecture of the building. Not because they wanted some free coffee. They came because someone they knew invited them.

Why do people tend to come only when they are invited? An invitation takes down a lot of barriers. They don’t have to worry about being there alone. They don’t have to worry about not knowing what is going on. A church can be an intimidating place if you have never been there before, or haven’t been there for a long time. A church can be scary place if you have had a previous bad experience. Going with someone you know helps take down those potential road blocks. Don’t wait for Christmas or Easter to invite people, invite someone today. Give someone a call, invite someone at work, send a friend a text message and invite them to church. Take a chance to impact their eternity.

Really, it is that simple. Now, I am not delusional, so I don’t believe that everyone will come every time you ask. What asking does is it opens up a dialog with that person, and you never know when someone might say yes. It is as simple as saying “Hey, I’m going to church Sunday, would you like to come along?” If you really want to kick it up a notch, offer to buy them lunch afterwards, or invite them over to lunch or hot dogs at the park.

Step out there, invite someone and leave the rest in God’s hands.

For those who might be reading this who don’t go to church, then take this as an invitation from me to come visit my church. If you don’t want to visit my church, call me, and I’ll make sure you get an invitation to another nearby church that you would prefer. I value you, and more importantly, God values you.

You can contact Pastor Chris Meirose at 507-835-4548 or through the church’s web site at

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