Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sermon - Get the Log Out of Your Eye - Matthew 7:3-5

I have posted the sermon I preached this last Sunday on our church's web site - Wasecachurch.org

This sermon is part two in a series on Relational Revival that I have been preaching. I am sticking closely to Ken Sande’s book “The Peacemaker”. Sande's book is the best resource that I know of for approachable information on Christian conflict resolution and reconciliation. This coming week we will look at Gently Restore, and then the following week Go and Be Reconciled.

The sermon series has been very well received. It is a tough one to preach, because I know that everyone, myself included, has experienced conflict and strife in my life. It is part of living in a sinful and broken world.

I also used this message as the foundation for a sermon I gave today at Lakesshore Inn Nursing Home - a nursing home here in Waseca where area churches take turns in providing worship services each week for those who live there. Many of the people in this nursing home are unable to get out and go to church for various physical reasons. So we bring the church to them. It was very well attended today, and I think the message was pretty solid. It is an abbreviated version of what I preached on Sunday because by the time we get done singing a few songs at the nursing home, I generally only have 10-15 minutes left of the 30 minutes allotted for the church service. I am happy to provide this service.

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