Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm in the news!

And it is for a good reason!

Last week Thursday I was interviewed by the local newspaper - The Waseca County News. Today that article is available online, and I assume it is in the print version as well (note to self: Buy newspaper). I was interview by Drew Amo, and enjoyed his company. Mr. Amo did a nice job summarizing our conversation, and the only thing I would add to his article is that there was a lengthy period between my coming to faith in college (early 1994) and my enrolling in Seminary (January 2003). The article makes it sound like they happened back to back. Not a big deal, he's working with copy space constraints that I as a blogger give little consideration to!

Drew caught me shortly after returning to church from a muddy morning of playing soccer with the kids at Vacation Bible School. I was still literally covered in mud and probably some sweat, and as a good journalist he plowed through the interview anyhow to get the story. Very nice guy, and I hope to meet him again and get to know him better in the years to come!

To view the article CLICK HERE!

(BTW, the photo is NOT from our church, it's me preaching at a church in Edina, MN last year.)

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1 comment:

Dave T. said...

Chris--Wow, a local celebrity already! LOL I hope things are going well. Good to hear from you. dt