Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Christianity Leads World Religions

The statistics below came to me through an email from Leadership Network.

Christianity Leads World Religions

Among the world's 6.7 billion population in 2008, 2.2 billion identify with Christianity (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and other), 1.4 billion are Muslim, 0.9 billion are Hindu, and 0.4 billion are Buddhist, and only 15 million (0.015 billion) are Jewish, according to International Bulletin of Missionary Research Vol. 32.

Every 24 hours, the world counts a population net growth of 219,000 people. Christianity numbers 170,000 converts per day but 91,000 leave the faith for a net growth of 79,000 Christians each day.

Among those who identify with the Christian faith: 27% are in Europe, 26% in Latin America, 20% are in Africa, 17% in Asia, and 10% in North America. The compilers know of 39,000 separate denominations and 3,684,000 congregations around the world. Church members globally have an income of $18,170 billion. Followers of the Christian faith have comprised approximately 33% of the world population since 1800.

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1 comment:

Mark Goodyear said...

Wow! These numbers are fascinating. It makes me wonder how fast the other religions are growing too.

And part of me bristles at viewing evangelism through this kind of corporate productivity lens.