Sunday, November 04, 2007

Minnesota Vikings vs. San Diego Chargers

Earlier this week I had a co-worker offer me two tickets to today's football game between the Vikings and Chargers. He was asking roughly 1/3 of face valued, and after a quick consultation with my wife I made the purchase. Oh how happy I am of that purchase!

Today we saw Adrian Peterson singlehandedly DESTROY the Chargers. Peterson rushed for an NFL single game record of 296 yards on 30 carries. He had 3 touchdowns along the way as well. Perhaps most amazing is the fact Peterson gained 253 of those yards in the 2nd half!

We also saw the longest return in NFL history to close the first half. Ryan Longwell came up short on a 57 yard field goal attempt, and Antonio Cromartie grabbed the ball just inches from the end zone line. Cromartie proceeded the length of the field, untouched, to score a touchdown. A big swing in the score, and a big swing in apparent momentum going into half time.

The crowd was less than inspiring the first half of the game, but by the end of the game it was fan fueled frenzy!

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dt said...

Chris--This game was broadcast in TX and had a chance to record it. What a game! It didn't seem like a record breaking game in the middle, but when it was over it was kind of crazy! Even thought Green Bay is my team. . . . dt

Joey said...

I'm a Green Bay fan (no, I won't rub in yesterday's game...the score speaks for itself), but I had to tune into that performance too. He's a spectacular athlete. The Vikes are a quarterback away from being a good team.