Monday, September 03, 2007

TouchGraph - Graph your blog's web connections

Darren Rowse at pointed to this coooool little Java applet - TouchGraph - that will give you a graphic representation of your blog's connectivity across the net. All you have to do is put in a keyword and it’ll graph the top results in Google for you. This is actually useful outside of blogs - ie. you could see how well connected your church web site is, or basically anything with a footprint on the web. You can also do key word searches. An example I did was "Eagle Brook Church" and saw my blog come up a number of times associated with Eagle Brook Church. This is something that a guy could waste an afternoon playing with, so do be careful!

As Darren says: "It’s hard to illustrate the tool in a static picture - but each of the circles represents a website and the circles around it are other websites that link into it. Click on any of the circles and you can expand them to see what is in turn linking to them."

Have fun with it.

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