Friday, August 31, 2007

Process of Leadership

The Leadership Now blog points to a book by Aubrey and Jack Daniels called Measure of a Leader. In that book they examine the processes a leader goes through, and they examine how you accomplish something as a leader is as important as what you accomplish. A couple of their thoughts I found interesting were:

1) In any undertaking that requires leadership, loyalty to the individual may be how the venture starts, but it is not how that venture thrives. If the leader cannot transfer personal loyalty to his vision, he has failed one of the critical tests of effective leadership.

2) When change exposes individuals to failure and punishment, they resist. When change increases the person’s access to reinforcement, they seek it out. Since one f the leader’s key functions is to lead change, he must view resistance as a signal that something is wrong with the process being used to achieve desired change rather than simply passing off the resistance to change as a normal characteristic of human behavior. Contrary to common opinion, it is not normal!

Michael McKinney has 3 others listed over at the Leading Blog.

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