Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spreading the news about your church one cup at a time

Dave Ferguson's team at Community Christian Church in the Chicago area came up with the coffee cup insulators below as a way to reach out into their community and get their name out. This is a great idea!
While I realize the majority of people who come to your church for the first time are ones who are coming because of a personal invitation, this is still a cost effective way of putting your name out into the community. Who says no to free coffee? (well, technically I say no to free coffee, but that's not the point) Especially if you are using high quality coffee ala Caribou, Dunn Bros., or Starbucks.

The reason this captured my thinking so much is that our church - CrossRoads Church of Cottage Grove, MN - is nearing the point where we will be starting the work for a new church building. This locations is far enough from the existing site that many people won't have a name recognition of the church. I can imagine spending an afternoon outside of Wal-Mart or any of the other local businesses in the area handing out free high quality coffee with one of these insulators wrapped around it as a great way to spread the word. What do you think?

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