Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl after thoughts...

10 points wins few games in the NFL, especially in the Superbowl. Between the botched punts into the end zone and the dropped balls the game was lost. Big Ben’s arm looked like it was over/on the front edge of the white end zone line before he was hit, so that seemed to be to me tough to over turn. The push off in the end zone probably didn’t gain him an advantage, but the fact is it was done directly in front of a ref, he clearly appears to push against the defender, and he makes the catch with 4-5 feet of seperation when a fraction of a second prior they were body to body. The ref called what he saw. If DJax had kept his hands to himself, it would’ve been a touchdown, that can’t be blamed on anyone else. The defense broke down on a few key points, and it cost the Seahawks the game. The hail mary prayer throw Big Ben made to the 1 yard line should NEVER have been a completion. That ball was in the air for a very long time and yet the defense didn’t make the play. The DB also bit just enough on the end around pass to allow space for the receiver to get open. The line backer simply missed the tackle on Parker’s TD run. Pitt could’ve had another touchdown on the pass that was intercepted had Big Ben led the receiver who was open, but instead he under threw it and it almost resulted in a Seattle defensive touchdown. So I don’t buy the ref’s cost the game. Seattle had more than it’s fair share of chances. Holmgren/Hass blew it big time at the end of the first half, and then the 2 missed field goals also really hurt. If those two kicks go in, you play the last 4 minutes to win. Seattle lost this game quite well on their own, and tomorrow they will have to look in the mirrors and realize that. Congrats to Pittsburg.

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