Sunday, February 05, 2006

Our first Sunday without a Senior Pastor...

Today Pastor Dan Munson preached at our church and did an outstanding job. Dan is pulpit filling for the next few weeks as our church works through this period of transition. Our Sr. Pastor resigned early in January, effective the end of the month, so this was our first week without a Sr. Pastor on staff. Previously, when our Sr. Pastor left, there was another pastor on staff who filled this role, but through the transition and turmoil of the past three years that was no longer an option. Dan is somewhat of an expert in this type of thing, having filled the pulpit in this capacity at a number of churches undergoing similar transitions in the past. He was last doing this at Galilee Baptist Church in Circle Pines, MN. I'm pretty sure today's message was one that Dan probably opens with nearly every week in a new church, but it was nonetheless outstanding and spot on. He spoke about impossibilities and how nothing is impossible to God. How we must learn to lay our impossible burdens at His feet. I think it hit home with many in the congregation, I know my wife really felt it spoke to her. Lynfield Hines and I led communion, and I think it went pretty well except for a small error where we forgot to serve (initially) the communion servers bread. With that fixed the rest went well. We also had a guest band playing worship today, they are called White Stone. The connection to them is Felicia Lynnstead (sp?) who I had on youth staff all of last year leading worship primarily with our Jr. High program. She, two of her sisters, her father and 2 friends comprise the band, and they played quite well. 3 guitars, 1 acoustic bass, a harmonica, a mandolin, and a drum set all were used. It was one of the better church services in recent memory.

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