Friday, January 13, 2006

Lynn Swann running for Governor, and other news

(From FOTF's Pastor's Weekly Breifing)

National Football League Hall of Fame wide receiver Lynn Swann (Pittsburgh Steelers) has decided to run for governor of Pennsylvania. Along with his football credentials, he is also part of a rising political force — conservative, pro-life African Americans. Many think he's the only candidate who can unseat incumbent Democrat Ed Rendell, and that he will have a special appeal to the rising number of blacks who feel their vote is taken for granted by the Democratic Party.

As many as 25 United Church of Christ congregations have made a decision to separate from the denomination in response to a UCC General Synod meeting that voted to support same-sex marriage, reported the Associated Press. In approving an opinion that churches should affirm "equal rights for couples regardless of gender," members were asked to oppose efforts to define marriage as between one man and one woman. "If we carry the name out front, people are going to associate us with whatever actions our national church body has taken," said Rev. Michael Halley of Suffolk Christian Church in Suffolk, Va.

The Nebraska State House was scheduled to debate a bill (LB57) on Monday that was introduced by Sen. Mike Foley in March 2005, according to the Lincoln Star Journal. The bill, called the fetal assault measure, would expand the unborn victims of violence law to include preborn babies who are seriously injured, but not killed, during an attack on a pregnant woman.

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