Thursday, January 12, 2006

Eagle Brook Church experiencing tremendous things

I have frequently written on this blog about Eagle Brook Church, in Lino Lakes, MN. Eagle Brook opened a new 2100 seat facility December 3 & 4th following God's leading, and are now experiencing some tremendous things. Below is an email sent out by EBC today (from Sr. Pastor Bob Merritt). I love how people are willing to switch services to open seats at optimal hours in this church. They get the vision, and have made it thier own.


A Note From Pastor Bob

Dear Friends,

It seems like I’m repeating myself, but last weekend was another historic, breakthrough weekend where we skied off the ledge not knowing what the outcome would be. And to say that God honored your faith and blessed his church is an understatement. Going into last weekend we had no idea if we’d succeed or fail; all we had was a belief that God was leading us to become a two-campus ministry so that we could continue to fulfill the mission he’s placed on this church.
All four services at the Lino Lakes Campus had strong attendance last weekend, with the 11 am Sunday service filling to capacity with 2100 in worship attendance. The two new video-venue services at our White Bear Campus were also strong, with 385 attending The Brook and 825 at The EDGE, which exceeded capacity. Our total attendance at the six services was 7,609, which is 37% more than last year’s attendance of 5,546. Oh, and by the way, 12 more people visited our Yes! Tables and accepted Jesus last weekend, changing their eternities forever. We are all amazed at how God continues to pour out his Spirit!

We also learned a few things last weekend. First, Sunday at 11 am continues to be the fullest service of all and we don’t see that changing. So again, to relieve the congestion and to open up seats at this optimal inviting hour, if it works for you to choose any other service time we would greatly appreciate it.

Second, The EDGE is already at capacity and we celebrate that reality. We’ve already begun talking about adding a second EDGE service, and I tell you that just as an FYI. We’ll give you more information as we have it.

The target keeps moving and we’re doing our best to keep up with what God is doing. I’m still not fully adjusted to our new surroundings at Lino, but in 15 years of being the senior pastor of this great church I have never witnessed so many miracles. I wish you could read all the emails from people who’ve come alive in Christ these past six weeks. Way to go church!

Skiing off ledges,


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