Thursday, November 10, 2005

Parents Overruled...

(HT: 10ft2ft)

Rate the following activities according to how often they experienced the thought or emotion:

1. “Touching my private parts too much.”
2. “Thinking about having sex.”
3. “Thinking about touching other people’s private parts.”
4. “Thinking about sex when I don’t want to.”
5. “Washing myself because I feel dirty on the inside.”
6. “Not trusting people because they might want sex.”
7. “Getting scared or upset when I think about sex.”
8. “Having sex feelings in my body.”
9. “Can’t stop thinking about sex.”
10. “Getting upset when people talk about sex.”

Now imagine you’re 7 years old and your teacher gave you this test. What do you do?

[Parents take another hit in the culture wars]

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