Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm a Pro-Government Conservative...

Below are my results from a quick survey you can take from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. It's a typology test that attempts to locate you politically in comparison to a national sample of adults surveyed by telephone in December 2004.

Pew typology test


Pro-Government Conservative

Based on your answers to the questionnaire, you most closely resemble survey respondents within the Pro-Government Conservative typology group. This does not mean that you necessarily fit every group characteristic or agree with the group on all issues.

Pro-Government Conservatives represent 9 percent of the American public, and 10 percent of registered voters.

Basic Description
Pro-Government Conservatives stand out for their strong religious faith and conservative views on many social and cultural issues. They also express broad support for a social safety net, which sets them apart from the other two core Republican groups. While backing George W. Bush by roughly six-to-one, this group has one of the lowest incomes levels in the typology. Pro-Government Conservatives are skeptical about the effectiveness of the marketplace, favoring government regulation to protect the public interest, and government assistance for the needy.

Defining Values
Religious, financially insecure, and favorable toward government programs. Support the Iraq war and an assertive foreign policy, but less uniformly so than Enterprisers or Social Conservatives. Back government involvement in a wide range of policy areas, from poverty assistance to protecting morality and regulating industry.

Who They Are
Predominately female (62%) and relatively young; highest percentage of minority members of any Republican-leaning group (10% black, 12% Hispanic). Most (59%) have no more than a high school diploma. They also are poorer than other Republican groups; nearly half (49%) have household incomes of less than $30,000 (about on par with Disadvantaged Democrats). Nearly half (47%) are parents of children living at home. 42% live in the South.

Lifestyle Notes
Most (52%) attend religious services at least weekly; nearly all describe religion as “very important” in their lives. Gun ownership is lower (36%) than in other GOP groups. Just 14% trade stocks and bonds in the market; 39% say someone in their home has faced unemployment in the past year.

2004 Election
Bush 61%, Kerry 12%. Fully 21% said they didn’t vote in November.

Party ID
58% Republican, 40% Independent/No Preference, 2% Democrat (86% Rep/LeanRep)

Media Use
Most Pro-Government Conservatives consult traditional news sources, including newspapers (48%) and network TV (31%). No more or less engaged in politics than the national average.

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