Friday, November 18, 2005

Metro Deer...

(photo credit: Janet Hostetter - AP)

The last couple of weeks the deer living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area have risen to near celebrity status with all the news coverage they have been given. They've been on most of the local TV news stations, and now the Star Tribune is covering them in a story titled "Oh, Deer; they're everywhere in Twin Cities." (shouldn't there be a "the" in that title?)

Earlier this week on Tuesday afternoon, I was driving along 694 between Lexington and the Hamlin/Snelling exit, and just as I was getting off at Hamlin/Snelling I saw three large moving brown/grey things. As I got closer to the stop sign, just 15 feet off the road where the bushes and tree begin were three large deer, a buck and two does. This was 5:15 pm, the middle of rush hour, where the volume of traffic a hundred feet away is insane. And here stood three deer munching away on some grasses for supper. I know we have some deer on campus here at Bethel, but I would guess that is a fairly safe place for them, whereas standing next to 694 in rush hour isn't something I would reccommend for anyone, especially not a large dumb animal (I'm talking about the deer, not myself).

I hit a deer 3 1/2 years ago adjacent to the airport North of Mitchell, South Dakota. I was traveling at 65mph and it was about 10:30 pm. I was in a Dodge Stratus (great car), when I saw a large blur out of the corner of my eye. Before I could react this deer had run up onto the road, realized he had made a mistake, and came to a stop in the middle of the road. I swerved instictively, and manage to mostly miss him. His antler caught my driver's side mirror (yes, just inches from my body!) and ripped the mirror off the car and snaped half of his antler off. The deer survived and bounded off into the airport, with what I would suspect was a splitting head ache. I circled back and picked up my mirror and tossed the segmet of antler off into the ditch. My adrenaline was really pumping as you can expect. I've had a number of other close encounters with my vehicles and wildlife that I'll add to this post later.


Douglas said...

Welcome to the MOB! Perhaps I will see you at Keegan's on a Thursday night. I have taken the liberty of profiling your blog at the MOB Aggregator.

Jason said...

Yes, welcome to the MOB! Been perusing your blog this morning and I like what I see. I'll have to mention you on S&B when I have more time. (Gotta get to church soon.)

BTW, did you notice you got two entries in the MOB blogroll? What's up with that?

mrclm said...

I actually hadn't noticed I was listed twice until you mentioned it. Not sure why that is, but I'm not complaining! Thanks for visiting my blog, hope church went well. Visit anytime!

Big Chris

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Despite the fact that you are not a Mac fan, I am impressed with the picture of the deer stuck on the fence ;~}

mrclm said...

All credit for the photo goes to Janet Hostetter - an AP photo journalist - who took the picture in East St. Paul. I have a guess as to where she took the photo, and if I'm correct it's just a few miles from where I'll be living starting January after our wedding. I have a second deer/animal post in the hopper. If I get time tomorrow I might get it all typed out. I used to type at 60+ wpm, but after not having to type a whole lot for 5 year I've lost that ability, so blogging takes longer than I wish it did.

Big Chris