Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm a member of the MOB...

...that's the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers. I had thought of joining this group a year ago or so when I discovered Frater's Libertas and Powerline (it was Powerline that outed then news anchor Dan Rather's incredibly poor journalism). I had decided not to, figuring my blog a bit lowly when compared to a group including powerhouse blogs such as these. Last week I decided on a rather spur of the moment type thing to see if they would let me in. Within a day of my application being submitted, I was accepted and added to the MOB blog roll (see my lower right side of my blog as you scroll down). In talking with another member of the MOB, I was informed that I was actually a blog with quite a bit of traffic compaired to most. I've been a Large Mammel in the TTLB system for a good while now (I'm 995th thanks whoever is reading this!!!!), and that puts my average readership as fairly high according to this source. I had not considered cracking the top 1000 blogs on TTLB to be something of significance, but perhaps it is. Either way, I'm glad to be part of the MOB, as it has driven through some traffic I might not otherwise every experience. I blog for myself, because I want to. It is my hope that my blog is God honoring, informative, and fun. I've been at it for more than a year now, and have really enjoyed the process of putting my thoughts down in a fairly permanent way. I've met some fantastic people, been challenged by some deep thinking, and been enormously entertained through my blogging experience. Thanks for being part of that experience!


Jason said...

Hey, just a helpful tip about your boxes (which I just found out about this past week). I'm guessing that you are annoyed by how the boxes are rounded on the left and square on the right. The Blogger template uses a gif image for the corners, so the width is set if you make your columns wider (like I recently did). If you go into your blog template and remove all lines like this:


it should make all of the corners square and remove that little divot from the top and bottom right. Don't remove the lines that don't have the word "corners" in them, though. Some say "icon" and those are for things like the arrows in front of the post titles.

Oh, and practice safe editting by cutting and pasting a copy of the template into a notepad file before you make, save and publish the changes.

Hope this helps. :)

mrclm said...

Thanks for the tip Jason. I've just gotten to the point of ignoring those little marks you mentioned. When I have a bit of time I might try to work through that as you suggest. I do keep a copy of my template on my computer and update it regularly. Nothing worse than loosing a year + amount of work!

Thanks for stopping in!

Big Chris

hammerswing75 said...

Welcome to the MOB! It's a great way for people to find you. I'll make sure to drop by again and add you to my blogroll.