Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top 11 posts in 2011

Yes, this is a bit early, but I probably won't get to it later.  Plus, it's my blog so I can do it whenever I want to anyhow... :-)

These were the top 11 read posts of mine in 2011 with the year written in parenthesis:

1 )  A great article on the effects of porn (2008)

2)  Matt Chandler and Steven Furtick at Elephant Room (2011)

3)  Grace Driscoll on the role of women from the book of Ruth (2006)

4)  Elephant Room Conference March 2011 (2011)

5)  That's My King by Dr. S.M. Lockridge (2009)

6)  Black & Decker 18V Firestorm Drill Charger (2009)

7)  Leadership and Vision (2008)

8)  Mark and Grace Driscoll taking their kids to Australia (2008)

9)  Changing to ESV with Mark Driscoll (2007)

10)  Replaced the radiator in our 2001 Dodge Caravan today (2010) - featured on Car Lust blog as well.

11) Sermon - Acts 9:1-9 - Saul's conversion to Paul (2008)

A few other 2011 favorites:

The Gospel in five minutes by Propaganda

 Eagle Brook Church - Woodbury campus opening Fall 2011

 Marriage trends in blue-collar America

 Best Buy's Geek Squad - a review

 Fastest Growing and Largest Churches in America

Thanks for reading my blog!  In my top fifteen posts the longest average reading time is over 10 minutes on that page, and the lowest is a still solid 1:04 for Leadership and Vision.  That means people are actually reading the content!

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