Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The subject of discipleship has been coming up frequently in my church and in my life recently, so I'm capturing these thoughts here from Robby Gallaty.

5 Components of a Discipling Relationship
We could say that discipleship is intentionally equipping believers with the Word of God through accountable relationships empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to replicate faithful followers of Christ. When people become disciples, they learn what Jesus said and live out what Jesus did (Matthew 28:19).

Did you catch the five components of a discipling relationship?

A disciple is:
1. Intentional about equipping others for the work of ministry
2. Studying/obeying the Word of God
3. Accountable to other believers
4. Empowered by the Holy Spirit
5. Reproducing what he was taught with others.

One last word on this subject: It’s important to contextualize the process. A “one-size fits all” approach will not work. Discipleship in Chattanooga is very different than discipleship in San Francisco or even the Dominican Republic.

After preaching an evangelistic crusade, D.L. Moody was met after the service by a man who disapproved of his evangelistic strategy. Moody responded, “It’s evident that you don’t agree with my evangelism method. What’s your evangelistic model for winning the lost?” The man replied, “I don’t have a particular method.” Moody said, “I think I’ll stick with mine.” Regardless of which model, material, or manner you affirm, decide on a plan and stick with it.