Monday, June 10, 2013

Bacon Carnitas Chimichanga

I think I invented an amazing new food yesterday.  The Bacon Carnitas Chimicanga.


It is better than you just imagined.  Take all the awesomeness of bacon - crispy and smoky and salty, chop it up, and mix it in with the delightful richness of Carnitas.  As some shredded Mexican cheese(s), wrap, fry, throw some red sauce or white cheese sauce on it and a bit more shredded cheese to garnish, and serve with Mexican rice and refried beans.

The crunch of the shell, the softness of the Carnitas and the toothiness of the bacon come together perfectly in your mouth.

And the flavors - it is a dance party in your mouth and on your tongue!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

"Greater" - by Steven Furtick

I had read Furtick's "Sun Stand Still" previously, so entered with a bit of expectation for this book as that one was a decent read. This one was not Greater. It seem to wonder constantly, was unfocused, and really never made a clear point. It was as though (presumably) the sermons he wrote originally that later were condensed for this book had no clear goals to begin with, leaving the final product muddy.

 There are times in this book where Furtick moves uncomfortably close (for me anyhow) to promoting a prosperity theology - just short of name it claim it kind of thinking. Then in other places it seems like he wants to steal from David Platt and have everyone suffering nearly unecessarily for their faith (less of this than the prosperity though).

 There are a few quotable thoughts scattered here and there, but none of them worth mining through the rest of this so that you can find them. While it isn't the worst book I've read, I'd certainly steer clear of this and find yourself something better to grow your faith. When I got more out of reading the endorsements of the book than I did from the book itself, it should tell you something.

I was given a review copy of this book by Blogging for Books, but as is obvious, was in no way obligated to write a favorable review.