Friday, October 10, 2008

Blogging Anniversary - 10/10/04 to 10/10/08

In October of 2004 I was really just getting my feet under me at Bethel Seminary. As I mentioned in my first post ever, I had been thinking about becoming a blogger for quite some time, and finally had taken the plunge. My writing has changed (and hopefully improved!) over the 816 posts I have made here (this being #817), but at the core it is still the same. I write first and foremost for myself, and then secondarily as a form of ministry (when the posts are applicable) to whoever might stumble upon my corner of the web.

Since I began writing here at Because I said so, I have gotten married, and became a pastor. I have watched friends leave church ministry, and had my truck towed in Minneapolis. I graduated from Seminary, and got a new BBQ grill from Sears.

The post that has brought the most visits to my blog over the years was about Tony Campolo and Eagle Brook Church. Probably the second most visited post, and now the most common reason for the last year or two for people to randomly arrive at this blog is this post about Mark Driscoll (and all my subsequent posts covering his ministry at Mars Hill Church). I posted more in 2005 than any other year. I used to get more comments on my blog than I do now, but I have a lot more traffic now than ever before. I average 120-140 visitors on any given day. Of those, something like 85% are new visitors, and the other 15% are mostly friends, family, church members and stalkers. Just kidding about the stalkers. I think. Whichever category you fall into though, I appreciate you stopping by!

I haven't avoided covering controversial subjects addressing things like Abortion and Homosexual Activism. While they are not the focus of my blog, when these sort of subjects intersected with my life I chose to lean into it rather than ignore or avoid it. For the most part, I have told the story of my life in little bite sized chunks, along with archiving a lot of good ideas/information/articles so I will always be able to refer to them.

It will be interesting to see what occurs in my life in the next four years! I pray they will be as good as these past four were.

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