Monday, January 09, 2006

Just yesterday I was sitting on the beach in Cancun...

Well, I'm back. My body is still adjusting to the temperature shock, and it's a balmy 25 degrees F here in Minnesota today. Cancun was incredible! Our wedding went super smooth, and the reception was wonderful. I'm officially married, and have the ring to prove it.

We got back into MSP last night around 7:20 PM, made it through customs without any problem, and were picked up my Banana's parents. We took their mini-van and quickly made our way to TGIFriday's for supper. We were both starving. From there we ran out to my wife's parent's house where we had left our cars after the wedding for safe keeping. I shoveled the driveway while our cars warmed, and we made our way home. We were both tired, so no unpacking was done, and we both had early days today.

I had my first commute to school today through rush hour traffic. Not fun, especially not fun considering the amount of ice on the road. I actually slid through one stop sign at the end of our block, and then was unable to make a turn and ended up on the grass (over the curb!) near Lake Phalen in St. Paul. I could see as I was sliding toward the curb where 4 or 5 other cars had done the same thing earlier. The truck behind me ended up in the grass on the other side of the street. My first class was at 8:00 AM today, a rough way to come back from a honeymoon! My Mondays are pretty brutal, as I also have class at 1:00 PM, and then work following that.

I'll blog more about the wedding and stuff later. I should be paying attention in class at the moment, so time to run!


Douglas said...

Congrats to you and your dear wife! I wish you the best of happiness.

KP said...

Welcome back, Chris, and congratulations! God bless you and your bride.

clew said...

Hi Chris! Congratulations on your wedding and happiness always!!! The Husband and I have been to Cancun twice, we really love it there.

I just surfed into your blog by happy accident and wanted to say hello. Enjoyed my visit - it's always good to run across another believer in blogland! If you return the visit, I have a few weird posts up right now - don't draw any conclusions from that - I'm just experimenting with writing styles ;).

Have a great week! <)))><

mrclm said...

Thanks all for stopping by! It's been a crazy few weeks. Hopefully we'll get unpacked and all settled over the next few weeks so life can return to normal.

Big Chris