Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bethel Fantasy Football Team

The last few years I've been part of a Fantasy Football League made up of various Bethel Seminary professors and alumni.  Our draft was tonight and since my 2 year average was pretty strong it meant I got slotted to draft #11 in a 12-team league.  We're a 1 QB 2RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 D/ST 1 K 1 Flex league, having only added the flex this season.  Flex = either RB or WR

I drafted:
Aaron Rogers - QB
Rashard Mendenhall - RB
Javid Best - RB
Austin Collie - WR (flex)
Miles Austin - WR
Jeremy Maclin - WR
Jason Witten - TE
Packers - D/ST
Alex Henery - K

Brandon Jacobs - RB
Donovan McNabb - QB
Robert Meachem - WR
Michael Bush - RB
Lions - D/ST
Davone Bess - WR
Tashard Choice - RB

I debated with my final pick on whether to take Choice or another TE.  None of the TE's looked that appealing, so I went with an extra RB & will have to scramble on Jason Witten's bye-week.

Interestingly - all but 2 of my starters are NFC players, and all but 2 of my bench are NFC players.  I'm pretty heavily weighted in the NFC North and East with Rogers, Best, Packer's D, McNabb & Lion's D from the North and from the East I have Austin, Maclin, Witten, Henery, Jacobs, and Choice.

I can envision a week where all my starters outside of my K & TE are injured, but if they all stay healthy I think that is a pretty strong team.


Brenton Balvin said...

I surprised that Rodgers made it to #11.

I like the Best pick at RB.

Why did u take 2 defenses?

mrclm said...

I was a bit surprised Rogers made it there, and he was the #2 QB picked! Drew Brees went 3 picks earlier to Dan Kant (if you remember him from Sem).

I had Best last year in this same league & he absolutely killed me. He was my 2010 sleeper. So I'm hoping this campaign is better.

As for 2 defenses, in a 12 team 16 pick league it was a luxury I could afford. I took the Packers D in the 8th round and the Lions were still sitting there in round 13 with everything else on the board a total crapshoot at that point. I know there are weeks I'll like the Lions D as a matchup, so it was worth the pick as the 155th overall pick. My next pick was my kicker, and I knew he would still be there with the 158th pick, whereas the Lions might go.

It was a fun draft because all but one team was represented in person (online) so we could crack on each others picks & talk smack...well...as best as a bunch of theologians and pastors can anyhow...