Saturday, January 08, 2011

First Congregational Church of Waseca - Online Presence in 2010

I created the following report for my church summarizing our online footprint in 2010.  Considering that 3 years ago when I arrived at the church that we didn't even have a web page, I think we've come a long, long ways!

Online Presence in 2010

Many weeks Pastor Chris reminds the church that you can visit to view, read, listen to and download sermons, as well as keep up to date with the ongoing events in our church. This is one of the newest ministries of our church, and is the fastest growing one in 2010. Some statistic below then a brief summary of what they mean. web site in 2010:
9,782 visits – 26.8 visits per day
24,597 page views – 2.51 page views per visit
7,667 unique visitors from 136 different countries (USA 78% of visits)
69% of visitors from search engines (5 out of 6 search engine visitors from
16% of visitors from referring site (Pastor’s blog, Facebook & Twitter are the primary sources)
15% of visitors from direct traffic (People who have it bookmarked in their browser)
151 visits via mobile devices (Primarily smart phones, but iPods/iPads too)
(The above does not factor in other RSS traffic) web site from May-December 2010:
3684 visits
5,397 page views
Registration page viewed 96 times.
(Unfortunately a good sized chunk of the visits were people looking to learn about Baobab Trees.)

Sermon Videos were viewed online 1,073 times.
Sermon Audio was listened to online 1080 times.

What does this all mean?
First, it means there are a lot of people checking us out online. It also means there are a lot of people keeping up online when they miss a week. More than 40 times on average in a given week someone listens to or views our sermon online. While it is difficult to determine what kind of Kingdom impact that is creating, it is clear that people are interested in using this resource and that the use of it is steadily increasing. Considering that we only started making our sermon Audio/Video available in November of 2009, that is a pretty remarkable rate of growth for a small church in a small town. It tells us our influence as a church is growing, and is not limited by the seats in our sanctuary. We must pray and continue to work so that some of those online visits become real life visits to join us in worshipping on a Sunday morning.

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