Monday, June 28, 2010

Worry, Prayer or Planning?

Mark Beeson answers this question with a few thoughts you might find interesting and helpful as you plan your week today...
Worry hurts you. Prayer inspires you. Planning prepares you.
Worry is natural. Prayer is supernatural. Planning intertwines the natural (the world as it is) with the supernatural (the world as it could be and should be).
Worry drains you. Prayer fills you. Planning fulfills you.
Worry isolates you. Prayer connects you. Planning integrates you.
Worry shrinks your vision. Prayer expands your vision. Planning enables your vision to come true.
Marks has a couple of other interesting thoughts on Worry, Prayer, and Planning here.
So... what will it be for you today?  Worry?  Prayer?  Planning?

(HT Todd Rhodes)

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