Thursday, June 03, 2010

I haven't forgotten about this blog

I was just here (click on the photo to see full size):

and I was busy with a paddle in my hands and trying to not drown and hoping to connect with 5 other great guys.  I was successful on both fronts.

I went to the BWCA for the first time of my life last week.  We put in on #27 Snowbank Lake and ended up staying on an island in the middle of Disappointment Lake at camp # 1386.

Originally we thought we'd push through to the Jordan Lake area, but the weather had different plans.  We got some significant wind - far greater than we wanted to paddle through - so instead we were lazy.  We sat around camp and fished (I watched) and ate fish.  Life was good, very good.  Nice and relaxing.  And I didn't get a single bug bite until the day we left.  Then I got TORE UP by the little flying demons while portaging a canoe with my backpack on my back.  Hard to fight back with a canoe over your head.

So now I am itching and scratching something like 40 bites that run from my ankles to my thumbs, but it was worth it.

Some other time I'll regale you with the adventure we had paddling out.  We went out through Parent Lake, and that was a mistake.  Big Mistake.  BIG.

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