Monday, May 17, 2010

Mondays can be rough in ministry

On many Mondays, myself as well as many of the other preachers around the world are pretty wiped out.  And I honestly don't know how some survive preaching 4+ times.  Monday usually means being tired, groggy, and irritable.  Some call it the holy hangover.  That's about right in my estimation.  Things just move more slowly for me on Monday.

But today was different.  Today was excellent!  The weather is perfect to start with.  So to take full advantage of that I rode my motorcycle to lunch.  Drinking in the sun, the sounds, and the smells while on the cycle is truly one of the great joys of life.  A solid power-to-weight ratio of a motorcycle never hurt either!

Add to that this week is the conclusion of our school year programming and I really feel like I will have some time now to catch my breath.  I feel like I have been running non-stop since Christmas. 

In a couple of weeks I will be heading up to the BWCA for a few days and am praying that brings some much needed de-stressing.  And the when we get to July and my wife's schedule slows down we might actually find some time to do nothing, and to do it well!

Life is good!

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