Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pastor Bob Merritt of Eagle Brook Church on Relevance Conference

Below is a video by Eagle Brook Church and Pastor Bob Merritt on their May 13th Relevance Conference.  This is an outstanding conference that at last count 6 of us from my church will be attending (and hopefully more!).  The price is outstanding, and as an added bonus their guest speaker this year is John Ortberg!  Register before April 26th for the best prices!  I have attended this every year they have done it, and hope you can join me!

Funny note, way back in 2005 I listed both Bob Merritt and John Ortberg among my favorite preachers to listen to.  And nothing has changed that!  Though I would drop Leith Anderson and CJ Mahaney down on that list today and put Francis Chan and Mark Driscoll into that top 5.

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