Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is the meaning of Easter?

Many Americans Miss Meaning of Easter

A new study released last week by the Barna Group reveals that a majority of Americans see Easter as a religious holiday, but fewer identify the resurrection of Christ as the underlying meaning.

From February 7-10 of this year, 1,005 adults were interviewed by telephone regarding their opinions relating to Easter and what the holiday means to them. The research discovered that:

* Two out of three Americans (67%) view Easter as a religious holiday.
* Only 42 percent linked Easter to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
* Two percent said that Easter was about the "birth of Jesus."
* Three percent described Easter as a celebration of spring or a pagan holiday.
* Eight percent said that Easter means nothing to them or that they do not celebrate the occasion.

The study also revealed that members of the Boomer generation (age 45-63) were more likely to describe Easter as a religious holiday than other age groups — 73 percent compared to 58 percent of Mosaics (age 18-25) and 66 percent of Busters (age 26-44). Interestingly, only 66 percent of Elders (age 64 and over) described Easter as a religious holiday.

For the complete report go to The Barna Group.

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Christie said...

I grew up going to church twice a year...Christmas and Easter. I became a Christian when I was 21. With three children, I am digging to understand the meaning of holidays so that I can guide my children to the Truth. Thanks for the stats! See