Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad

As of last Wednesday, the following statistics — gathered from Feb. 7-10 — represent the traffic that the Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad generated:
Traffic Stats:
  • Unique visitors to all major Focus websites — 1,250,498 in four days (normal traffic is approx 1.8M per month)
Online Media Views:
  • YouTube Tebow commercial views — 766,802
  • Yahoo Video Tebow commercial views — 1,195,358
  • Super Bowl ad views (FOTF) — 453,425 (Total Tebow commercial views —2,415,585)
  • Tebow Interview views (FOTF) — 1,005,887
The first link below features an interview between Jim Daly and Mr. & Mrs. Tebow. The second will be helpful if you minister to someone with an unwanted pregnancy or past abortion.

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