Saturday, February 27, 2010

Add this to the list of things that will NEVER happen at my church

Never. Never ever ever.

Clothing Optional Church
You can come as you are to Whitetail Chapel in Ivor, Virginia. But, clothing is optional for everyone, from the pastor to the congregation.

Pastor Allen Parker says that the chapel — part of the Whitetail Nudist Resort — is family-oriented and very involved in helping others. He considers it a "gift and a privilege" God has given him. "Some of the biggest moments in Jesus' life, he was naked. When he was born, he was naked; when he was crucified, he was naked; and when he arose, he left his clothes in the tomb and he was naked. If God made us that way, how can that be wrong?"

"I really don't think God cares what you wear when you worship," said Richard Foley, a member of the congregation. "The thing is worship." []

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