Friday, January 29, 2010

New Electric Razor plus some Teething Tablets

I have been saving up my earnings from Amazon Associates for quite some time.  I don't make much in any given month, but it slowly adds up.  I was hoping to buy something completely fun and frivolous, but life has different plans.  Earlier this week my old Remmington Electric Shaver finally decided to quit.   Quit isn't quite right, in that after a full charge it still ran.  The problem was that about 60% of the way through my shave it was running so slow that it was chewing skin and ripping hair rather than cutting.  The foil and blades were shot anyhow, and I've been using this shaver for 6+ years so I got my money out of it.

So I began my search on Amazon and have decided upon Panasonic ES7103K Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Triple Head Shaver, Black.  I much prefer the foil style shavers over the rotary kind.  I've owned both, and I've never warmed to the rotary ones I have owned.  I shave more often than not with a Gillette Fusion Razor and do so because of the close shave it gives me.  But there are days where I just want to shave quick and simply, and that is where an electric shaver comes in handy.

I also ordered some Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets for our son Justice.  He isn't teething quite yet, but we want to be ready.  A group of people I know who have kids just a few months older than my son swear by these tabs, so we figured we get some and give them a go.  If it cuts back on the pain and crying even just a little bit they will be worth it.

Plus I order 4 more copies of Wayne Grudem's book Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know.  This is the text we are using in our bible study at church.  We keep having more people join us, and others who simply want to read the book.  This is my third order for this book, and we are approaching 40 copies ordered!

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