Thursday, January 07, 2010

James Dobson to leave Focus on the Family

Saw that James Dobson is leaving Focus on the Family to do his own thing.  Hadn't given it much thought until I saw an email from FotF's H. B. London in my in-box a while back  Below is that message that gives some details about what is going on in Colorado Springs.  I hate to say it, but my guess is that neither organization will flourish moving forward with FotF already struggling.  Maybe I'll be wrong.


The headlines in last Thursday's, Colorado Springs Gazette read, "Dobson embarking on a new venture. After Focus, he'll start a nonprofit and radio show." And so, the end of an era becomes more apparent with each passing day.

                James Dobson
A transition that began nearly seven years ago — when James Dobson passed the baton as CEO to another — will most likely culminate with his last radio broadcast the end of February, 2010. The reality of this happening is difficult for a lot of us to imagine, but nevertheless, it is happening and will no doubt create questions and some confusion as it all unfolds.

The more you learn about his decision, the more you understand that the passion James Dobson has for the family and the state of our nation is enormous. He could retire, but he is not ready to retire. On his Facebook page this week he announced that he and his son, Ryan, would act as host and co-host of the new radio program called James Dobson on the Family.
In the Colorado Springs Gazette news story, Focus President and CEO, Jim Daly, made it clear that ministry to the American family is not exclusive. There is so much to be done on behalf of the family that a new James Dobson ministry certainly will not be about competition, but another strong advocate for marriage, raising children and, in short, "helping families thrive."

Dr. Dobson invited me to join Focus on the Family in 1991. He felt that the clergy in America needed an advocate. I was honored by that invitation and believe that Jim Daly feels very strongly that your role as spiritual leaders in our nation deserves the full support of our ministry. I pray that be so. We will begin the New Year and decade more committed to you and your family than ever before. We covet your prayers. If we can serve you in any way, or if you have comments about the news I have just shared with you, please feel free to write us at

Jim Daly — whom James Dobson handpicked as his Focus successor seven years ago — stated, "Focus wishes Dr. Dobson well in his venture. He has the chance to share his life's work and passion with his only son. What man wouldn't choose to do that?"

We all know that change is inevitable. But, let me tell you, this represents big change for all of us who have been connected with Focus on the Family. We covet your prayers.

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails" (Prov. 19:21).

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