Monday, December 07, 2009

Social media and the church

From Ministry Best Practices:

Based on the most recent Pew Internet report, the median ages of some of the most popular social networks are:
Social networks are not for just for kids.

Given that fact, how is your church using social media for ministry throughout the church (kids and adults alike)?


First Congregational Church of Waseca, MN (my church) has a pair of Facebook pages - both a Group Page and a Fan Page that are regularly used to share information and to connect people. I as their pastor regularly use Twitter (@mrclm) and tweet things related to church and my ministry in my personal account. We do not maintain a second account. I am also on LinkedIn, but rarely use it. LinkedIn has been primarily so I can connect anyone who might be searching for a job within my congregation. And honestly, MySpace is such a huge sucktastic mess that I won't use it. I set up a personal account years ago, but the interface is so poor, and the signal to noise ratio is so high. I refuse to waste any more of my time on MySpace.

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Chris, Meant to tell you that your post here inspired me to write about it over at Here's the link:

Great topic! :)

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