Saturday, December 05, 2009

How to prepare a sermon - Darrin Patrick

If you are writing sermons, Darrin Patrick has some great help that can be found on the Acts29 Blog:

In 2007, Darrin Patrick (Lead Pastor - The Journey) spoke at the Seattle Boot Camp on "Preaching the Mission." Here is an excerpt from his talk where he explains the steps of sermon preparation that are to follow meditation - exegesis and application.

Questions preachers should ask themselves during these stages of sermon preparation are:

Exegesis – Discerning the meaning of the text
  • What does the text say?
  • How did the original audience here this text?
  • What does this mean for me?
  • What does this mean for the church?
Application – Bringing the text to real life
  • What connection is there between original audience and my audience?
  • What sin keeps us from doing the text?
  • What principles can I extract from the text that will speak to my audience?
  • How is Jesus the hero?

You can hear the full version of Darrin Patrick's Preaching the Misson here.

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